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The altar of Delish Da Goddess


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When the beat drops with an avalanche of rap horns, Delish Da Goddess tells her audience "I'm gonna take you to church."

  "It's fun after that," she tells Gambit. "I want people to know they're coming into a very safe environment, where it's going to be fun. I'm always around walking, talking, and if I haven't started drinking yet — which I probably am — I want the environment to be real, real fun. I want it to be loose, and I want everyone to enjoy themselves. When the show starts, that's when you lose your soul."

  Born and raised in Violet and rapping since third grade, Delish Da Goddess has released a steady string of mixtapes, singles and EPs since 2014, including this year's woozy, warped Terminally Trill and its icy, show-no-mercy trap follow-up Queendom, snapped into place with the heavy pop of a Roland TR-808 drum machine. "I always ask for the 808 first, then we start putting all the other mixtures in the pot," she says. "As long as we got the 808, that's all I'm worried about."

  Big-boast anthems ("Goddess," "Black Excellence," "Boss Bsh") hail the queen and her throne, but Delish wants her audience in person. "I want them to hear the music, but that's not the element I want them to be inspired by. I want them to come see it," she says. "I like to bring energy — I just like to dance, and my friends are wild, too. The music people are hearing now was all made for me and my friends so we could dance and listen and freak out."

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