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Tenacious D's Second Best Band In The World Contest


The manic, rotund comedian Jack Black and his partner in crime Kyle Gass have created, largely through the sheer force of their combined will and abundant testosterone, the "best band in the world," acoustic power duo Tenacious D. The band, or "band" -- it's hard to tell how deeply their tongues are planted in their cheeks -- genuinely composes and plays songs that rock, however absurdly, in an earnest metal power-ballad way. Plus, they're hilarious. This show at House of Blues will not, repeat, will not, actually feature the band Tenacious D -- rather, it's a contest in which bands will compete to fill the slot of "Second Best Band In The World," privileged to look at the hind ends of Black and Gass in the annals of rock history. The nationwide contest promotes the late-November release of the D's film and Sony BMG-released studio album, The Pick of Destiny (pictured). Tickets $7. -- Alison Fensterstock

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