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Mo and Sharon Crane aren't just partners in marriage. As owners of Crane Rehab Center (101 River Road, 828-7696) -- an outpatient rehabilitation center devoted to physical, occupational and speech therapies for children and adults -- they also are partners in business. Five days a week, the Cranes devise and implement individualized treatment programs for patients and strive to make them as physically and emotionally comfortable as possible while accompanying them along the road to recovery.

"We take a genuine interest in our patients and their families," says Sharon, who specializes in occupational therapy (functional-based rehab). "We try to understand what their needs and challenges are. We try to put the patient first and understand where they're coming from."

"Nobody comes here because they are feeling good," adds Mo, who specializes in physical therapy (physical-based rehab), "so we take pride in the fact that our patients find this a relaxing environment."

Attention to individualized care and comfort isn't the only thing that sets Crane Rehab apart. Many rehab facilities are predominantly geared toward either pediatric, adolescent or adult care. But Mo and Sharon's respective specialties enable their center, which opened in 1999, to be a setting for all of those groups.

With 4,500 square feet of space and 20 employees, Crane covers a broad spectrum of diagnoses, including problems with trouble spots like shoulders, knees, ankles, elbows, necks and backs; disabilities due to stroke; developmental issues like autism, pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD); neuromotor conditions like cerebral palsy and spinabifida; as well as congenital conditions and orthopeodic conditions such as sports injuries.

On the pediatric side of the facility, which is primarily used for occupational therapy, an assortment of colorful, user-friendly gym equipment creates a natural play environment that encourages movement and sensory exploration. There's even a rock-climbing wall designed to improve motor planning, endurance, strength and coordination. Computer programs help the brain reorganize and focus.

On the adult side, used mostly for physical therapy, traditional tools like stationary bicycles, traction tables, isotonic weights and treadmills are among the treatment modalities. But equally essential to the center's physical therapy philosophy is its emphasis on hands-on treatment. All of the physical therapists are trained in manual therapy, which helps identify the source of pain and then addresses it through manual contact instead of taking a machine-oriented approach. For those patients who've been discharged but wish to continue using the center as part of an ongoing wellness program, Crane Rehab offers fitness memberships.

Mo and Sharon Crane take a hands-on approach to physical - therapy at Crane Rehab Center.
  • Mo and Sharon Crane take a hands-on approach to physical therapy at Crane Rehab Center.

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