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Fed Up, Sundance film about obesity, screens in New Orleans June 25



  The documentary Fed Up (, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, has focused the debate about childhood obesity on sugar. Narrated by Katie Couric, the film documents the lives of three obese children as they struggle to embrace healthier lifestyles and lose weight. It takes a hard look at the reasons surrounding the rise of America's obesity epidemic over the past 30 years, calling for a massive public policy overhaul and grassroots shift toward healthy lifestyles.

  Commentary from food writers Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman and a host of medical experts and health policy officials reveal a num- ber of grim facts, including that one out of three Americans will have diabetes by 2050 if current consumption habits continue.

  The New Orleans Film Society presents a screening at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 25, at The Theatres at Canal Place (333 Canal St., third floor, 504-493-6535;

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