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Susan Cowsill


After joining Beatin Path onstage at The Parish at House of Blues to sing a cover of Paul McCartney's "Band on the Run" this past August, Susan Cowsill walked off the stage and said, "I always wanted to sing that song!" Little did she realize how prophetic that statement would become, as less than two weeks later her band indeed went on the run. Cowsill, husband/drummer Russ Broussard and her daughter, Miranda, performed a few sets under the moniker Band on the Run as they fled from Hurricane Katrina. With her debut solo album, Just Believe It , finally getting national release on Blue Corn Records in October, she and her band-in-exile started touring in September unsure of whether they had homes to return to (in Cowsill and Broussard's case, their Mid-City house took on 6 feet of water). On Saturday, she will return to New Orleans and resume her "Covered in Vinyl" series, which features her band performing a classic album in sequence and in its entirety. This time, it's no surprise that she will cover Band on the Run. Besides the album title's newfound significance, it's easy to imagine her being drawn to the goofy fun of covering "Jet," and the possibility of finding the soul in "Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)."

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