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Bucking the trend (again)

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  Nearly three months after New Orleans hosted Super Bowl XLVII, the University of New Orleans (UNO) reports the game had a $480 million net economic impact. UNO surveyed visitors from Jan. 30 to Feb. 3. The results, according to the UNO Division of Business and Economic Research, found that the game's impact "comprised of $262.8 million in direct spending and $217.2 million in secondary spending."

  The report indicates New Orleans bucked a recent trend by Super Bowl host cities, which have not seen the actual economic impact to match projections. Recently, the Belk College of Business at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte reported the economic impact of the 2009 Super Bowl in Miami was just $90 million, not the $400 million touted by the National Football League.

  John Williams, director of the Lester E. Kabacoff School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration, said the Super Bowl's economic impact in New Orleans exceeded projections by about $50 million. "We've had a real resilience coming back from [Hurricane] Katrina and are in a tremendous growth mode," Williams said. — ALEJANDRO DE LOS RIOS


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