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Style Profile: Luke Winslow-King

The musician's favorite places and things



After four albums and more than a decade of gigging throughout New Orleans, the U.S. and Europe, singer-songwriter Luke Winslow-King ( has built a base of fans who know his songs well. But even random passersby can appreciate his style, which is retro without being twee, classic without looking stiff. The slide guitarist shares his favorite places to eat and shop with CUE.


My tailor and fashion consultant is Riccardo Bonechi at Rue St. Denis in New York City (170 Ave. B., 212-260-3388; I'm wearing his suit in the photo on the cover.

I recommend women check out my wife and singing partner Esther Rose's fashion line at Bon Castor (3207 Burgundy St., 504-948-9987;


Sophie Lee's Seoul Shack Korean Restaurant at Dragon's Den (435 Esplanade Ave., 504-417-6206;


Salon Diversions (838 Royal St., 504-299-0040;


I love to rep my favorite music store, Webb's Bywater Music (3217 Burgundy St., 504-304-5965).

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