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Style profile: Designer Tom Landry



As lead design counsel and owner of tl2 interior architecture & design, Tom Landry's work with residential, office, gym and spa facilities allows an array of interdisciplinary skills. His frequent travels abroad and his passion for the unusual inform his layered approach to design projects, which currently include a 20,000-square-foot YMCA facility, four private residences and an office.

  Recently, Landry became involved in philanthropic work, spearheading the rebuilding of St. Vincent's Center for Handicapped Children, a school, home and medical facility in the heart of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He also founded Camp Jake Richard, a summer camp for St. Vincent's orphans.

VALORIE HART: With whom do you share your home?

TOM LANDRY: With my son August, my partner Shawn, my beloved Spanish Water dog Jean-Luis, my feisty Ragdoll cat Clothilde, and all the material

possessions I have collected.

VH: You live in a loft in New Orleans. Do you ever crave an old historical house?

TL: I do dream of having a historical home, but one with stone walls, luscious gardens, roaring fireplaces, lavender fields and vineyards.

VH: I describe your furnishings as "mantiques." What do you collect and why?

TL: I collect objects and art I love and those that evoke curiosity. Common, trendy and reproduced decor objects are the epitome of poor taste.

VH: Do you edit your collections and rearrange furniture often?

TL: Hourly! I do not consider objects, furnishings and art lifeless. Just as humans and animals move about space, so too should objects, furnishings and art. A well-designed home is never stagnant, but always in a state of chaotic evolution, much like our lives.

VH: What do you love the most in your home?

TL: My collection of unusual and interesting objects and art that I have collected from years of travel around the globe. Each reminds me of a time and place, evoking sight, smell, taste and personal experiences photographs would never achieve.

VH:What is the one thing you would like to change?

TL: The world.

VH: Would you ever let anyone else decorate your home?

TL: I consider interiors to be highly personal. I detest designers who dictate to their clients what should and should not exist. After all, once the door shuts, it's of no concern to me, only you!

VH: What local stores do you keep an eye on?

TL: Renaissance Interiors Inc. is an amazing source, but you must go with patience and an eye. Shaun Smith Home has a fresh interpretation of traditional, sophisticated design. Modern Market features fresh designers, exciting new products and excellent service. The window displays at Villa Vici are always inspiring, and Design Within Reach has a beautiful vintage and contemporary collection.

VH: What advice do you have for anyone decorating their home?

TL: If you work with a professional designer, remember it is your home she/he is designing. Do what you love most and fear only fear itself. Nothing is permanent.

VH: Complete the sentence: I love my house because ...

TL: is the sole embodiment of all the things I love most and it's the place I can laugh, cry, scream, sing, bitch and sleep.

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