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Stumped about styling? Local designers address home decor challenges

Decor dilemma: a new home



Decor dilemma: A new home

A new home is a blank canvas — a big white box waiting to be filled with treasures. That's great ... unless blank canvases leave you in a state of creative paralysis.

 Penny Francis and Casi St. Julian, the mother-daughter duo behind Eclectic Home, understand your pain and encourage clients to take their time with new design projects.

 "The first thing we discuss is how are you going to live in these spaces," Francis says. No need to break out the credit card just yet.

 Consider your aesthetic. The internet is great for inspiration, "but it may not look like 'you' when it gets into your space," St. Julian says. When you've nailed that down, "Determine your anchor pieces, then your accents," she says. "Pick out rugs first, then pick out artwork and textiles a little bit at a time." Add in some lush green plants for "proof of life."


Penny Francis & Casi St. Julian of Eclectic Home

What they love: Francis and St. Julian love the architectural details in this space. Emphasize them to create individual "rooms" in this open floor plan. The ceiling beam beyond the kitchen, the brick pillars and even the bedroom and bathroom doors create "breaks" in this home's long, linear scope.

  • Photo by Sara Essex Bradley

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