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Colorado Congressman Jared Polis on state sovereignty and ‘smoking crayfish’ in Louisiana

Are we all smoking "crayfish"?



  A Colorado congressman incensed at U.S. Rep. John Fleming's opposition to medical marijuana asked Fleming to lay off, saying he wasn't about to send "federal troops into Louisiana to arrest people for whatever you do down there, smoking crayfish."

  Fleming, R-Minden, is a doctor who stands foursquare against the use of recreational and medical marijuana, calling it "a joke." That didn't sit well with U.S. Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado, a state where weed was legalized in 2012. Pot sales have fattened Colorado state coffers by tens of millions of dollars each year since.

  "I just wish that you would leave my sovereign state of Colorado alone," Polis said. "Let our people and our state government decide what we want to do with regard to marijuana rather than a federal agent going around trying to arrest people for doing activities that are fully legal under state law."

  Regarding "crayfish" smoking, Polis joked, "Want me to ban that and send federal troops down there? I bet maybe smoking crayfish ain't good for you. What if it's fried? Might clog your arteries, huh?"

  No word on whether sparking a crawfish would violate New Orleans' new indoor smoking ban.

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