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Strange Bedfellows



  Given U.S. Sen. David Vitter's "very serious sin" problem, you might think GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum might try to put plenty of air between himself and Vitter. Not so. Santorum still proudly carries the family-values mantle and said former President Bill Clinton should have resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky affair, but he defended his support of Vitter last June in an interview with Think Progress.

  "If I did what Vitter did, would I resign? Well, I wouldn't have done what David Vitter did," Santorum said. "I said [Clinton] should resign because he lied about it to the American public."

  Asked if he thought Vitter didn't lie to his family or his constituents, Santorum explained his own position on infidelity thusly: "Not in a court, in a deposition — which is what the president did and why I voted for his impeachment."

  Such loyalty was rewarded this week by Vitter. After the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses — in which Santorum placed a very close second behind Mitt Romney — Vitter praised his "good friend" Santorum in an interview with WRNO-FM radio host Denny Schaffer. Vitter had a warning for Santorum, though, that sounded like the voice of experience: "He's gonna get vetted like never before, including all of his votes in the Senate. You've already heard some of the attacks in terms of earmarks and other things."

  Asked about the terrible showing in the caucuses by Texas Gov. Rick Perry — whom Gov. Bobby Jindal supported early, enthusiastically and often — Vitter got in a dig at the governor who pointedly refused to endorse him in the 2010 elections. Regarding the Perry endorsement, Vitter told Schaffer he thought Jindal would "love to have it to do over again." — KEVIN ALLMAN

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