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Stormy Daniels


  It was almost a year ago when Baton Rouge-born porn star Stormy Daniels announced she was "exploring" the notion of running for Congress against Sen. David Vitter this November. Since then, Congressman Charlie Melancon has entered the race, but Daniels has dallied, so to speak, making public appearances (clothed and unclothed), but offering nothing, ahem, firm as to her decision. Last week, spokesman Brian Welsh announced Daniels finally would be making her intentions clear on April 15 as a way of highlighting the need for tax relief.

  Or is there another motive? Daniels' campaign site ( hasn't been updated since May 2009, and her "personal" Web site, which offered adult photos and video for a monthly membership fee, is defunct. Daniels now has an announcement up at a third address ( "Great News — my sites is [sic] being totally revamped & will be relaunching" in — you guessed it — April 2010. What a coincidence. — Kevin Allman

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