Edited by Kandace Power Graves, David Lee Simmons and Katie Walenter

Coordinated by David Lee Simmons

If the fall was a time for New Orleanians restaurants to make their comeback from Hurricane Katrina — and our Winter Restaurant Guide provided an excellent progress report — then certainly the spring is a time to see just how far our favorite dining spots have moved forward in the recovery.

The results continue to impress: More and more restaurants continue not only to open and reopen, but also to thrive. For if there's one thing New Orleanians missed while they were away, it was their precious food. It's really as simple as that.

Speaking of simplicity, our Spring Restaurant Guide is the simplest of them all, listing venues alphabetically — no guessing which cuisine to choose for the evening, or what neighborhood to meander through. Consider this the mother of all restaurant directories, with chefs clueing us in on any of their new offerings for the season. Spring is, after all, the season of rebirth and renewal, so it's with great pleasure we present the guide that illustrates the continuing blossoming of our greatest cultural offering.


$ Ñ $5 to $10

$$ Ñ $11 to $20

$$$ Ñ $21 or more

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