Composer Claude Debussy said music exists in the spaces between notes — a notion Spoon takes very seriously. The Austin, Texas, quartet engineers its music with laser-focused precision, and no sound is wasted.

  Following the wildly acclaimed Merge releases Gimme Fiction and Kill the Moonlight, Spoon's sixth album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (Merge) adds another installment to the band's repertoire of hollowed-out and ultra-slim post-punk with obsessive attention to what's left behind after its layers are peeled. Imagine a band trimming the fat from Squeeze's indulgent, offbeat, piano-driven pop rock and limiting each song to no more than two and a half minutes.

  Galveston native Britt Daniel fronts the band, and his howling voice acts as the lead instrument, moving from a gravel-throated yelp to a whispering falsetto, often punctuated with reverb. Daniel is joined by drummer Jim Eno, bassist Rob Pope and keyboardist, guitarist and percussionist Eric Harvey. The band is careful not to let any sounds linger or resonate more than they're welcome.

  The band may be familiar from past New Orleans shows, but its commercial success also stems from hit singles prominently featured on The O.C., Veronica Mars, Scrubs and The Simpsons, among others. Daniel also helped score Marc Forster's 2006 film Stranger Than Fiction.

  Members of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band are scheduled to join Spoon for its Jazz Fest set. Trumpeter Gregory Davis and saxophonist Roger Lewis could blast away the subtle, sparse, carefully placed horn sections featured on Spoon's recordings, shifting its aesthetic into a bigger, badder beast.


5:30 p.m. Fri., April 24

Gentilly Stage

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