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Spencer Bohren's Christmas Party

If there was ever a Christmas that needed Spencer Bohren's Christmas Party, it's this one. In the past, Bohren has shown a true believer's commitment to America's roots music and all it represents. The ironies, shortcomings and nagging details that sidetrack doubters don't slow him down. He sees the healing, spiritual nature of gospel and the blues, the uniting power of folk and the social consciousness of country. Bohren expressed a similar, unshakeable faith in New Orleans in a piece he wrote for Elmore magazine. "In the second year of its existence, New Orleans was erased from the map by a long-forgotten hurricane," he wrote. "They rebuilt. Nearly a century later, two devastating fires consumed all but a fraction of the city. They rebuilt. The spirit is strong in this town, and they will rebuild again." It's no surprise that someone who embraces the power of traditions, it's fitting that he has established one in his yearly Christmas party at Snug Harbor, particularly one built around the singing of songs everybody knows. In the past, musical friends and family members have joined him, and despite the circumstances, you have to believe they'll be with him again. Cover $10.

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