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Southern Tier Brewing



  Three members of Southern Eagle Sales and Service's ( craft beer distribution team went to upstate New York to brew a beer with Southern Tier Brewing (, and that beer was released exclusively in New Orleans last week.

  Kyle Huling, Travis Clark and Donn Lacoste of LA Craft Beer (, the craft beer department at Southern Eagle, collaborated with Southern Tier Director of Research and Development Joe Reynolds, to create Southern Tier 30°/90°, which is an American cream ale style brewed with lavender. The 30/90 name references the respective latitudes of New Orleans and Lakewood, New York.

  "30°/90° is a lighter beer, both in color and body," Reynolds says. "The body is lightened by the subtle use of flaked maize, an adjunct commonly used in American cream ales. It adds fermentable sugars without too much else. Judicious use of crystal malts and oats prevents the beer from being watery or thin. The aromatic synergy of lavender and whole leaf Mosaic is crazy. It fires on all cylinders. Floral, spicy, herbal, berry, fruity, citrus, tea, woody! And just because we are Southern Tier, we dry hopped it with the experimental hop variety 07270, which added a dose of dank, resinous hop aroma."

  The beer is available at The Bulldog Uptown (3236 Magazine St., 504-891-1516;, The Bulldog Mid-City (5135 Canal Blvd., 504-488-4180), Lagers International Ale House (3501 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 504-887-9923;, The Avenue Pub (1732 St. Charles Ave., 504-586-9243;, Fat Harry's (4330 St. Charles Ave., 504-895-9582;, Ale (8124 Oak St., 504-324-6558;, World of Beer (4100 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 504-266-2689;, Bayou Beer Garden (326 N. Jefferson Davis Parkway, 504-302-9357; and Mid City Yacht Club (440 S. St. Patrick St., 504-483-2517;

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