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Southern Journeys : Group Exhibition



First there was the slave trade that took people out of Africa and transplanted them into the America of masters and slaves, primarily the South. More recently, African Americans have migrated on their own to other parts of the country, and artists are no exception. Southern Journeys, at Stella Jones, reunites more than 60 African-American sons and daughters of the South, artists all, in a big, colorful show that harks to their roots. Says artist/art historian Samella Lewis: "The South, with its tradition of spirituals, gospel, blues and jazz ... is too diverse to be classified under one spiritual rubric; however there exists a clear sense of connection between old and new. Southern artists are a unique group of individuals. Wherever they live, memories of the South remain a principle part of their expression." Amen to that!

Through July 30

Stella Jones Gallery, 201 St. Charles Ave., 568-9050


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