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Southern Culture on the Skids


Someone much wiser than I put forth the conventional wisdom: You go with what brung ya, and this year's Jazz Fest nighttime offerings present a bunch of musicians who have been there for us in the past, including Southern Culture on the Skids. How fitting it is, then, that SCOTS is out on tour with its live CD, Doublewide and Live (Yep Roc), which is the ultimate testament to a band that's truly on fire when performing in front of the faithful. Recorded at Chapel Hill, N.C.'s Local 506, as intimate a setting as the now-shuttered Mermaid Lounge (sigh), the song proves that Rick Wilson's surf and rockabilly guitar licks and Mary Huff's bouffant vocals and bass thumping and David Hartman's driving drums are best served up close and in your face. More than ever, we need an "Eight Piece Box," so here's hoping they'll stop off at Popeyes on their way in. We'll bring the banana pudding for dessert, guys, OK? -- David Lee Simmons 9 p.m. Wed., April 26

House of Blues, 225 Decatur St., 529-BLUE;

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