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6 sulfate-free shampoos

Sulfate-free shampoos gently cleanse stressed hair



Sulfate-free shampoos are appearing on the shelves of beauty sections everywhere, but what are sulfates, and why might it benefit hair to avoid them? Sulfates can cause strands be more porous and dry, says Ashley Webb-Fassitt, owner and stylist at Hairology (1804 Magazine St., 504-304-7792; "Sulfate cleanses to a point that takes out the moisture," she says. "For people who have dry hair or a difficult time retaining moisture, sulfate-free is the way to go."

  If your hair is oily, a sulfate-free shampoo will provide strands with an effective, deep cleanse — without unnecessary harshness. "It still washes the hair, but allows it to retain a certain level of moisture," Webb-Fassitt says. Sulfate-free shampoos often are recommended for people who have received hair color or certain chemical treatments like Keratin or Brazilian blowouts to maintain and prolong results.

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