Social (media) studies: Our awards for Saints’ players best Twitter and Instagram accounts


New Orleans Saints mania is in full gear. But it's not enough to consume every bit of information from traditional media outlets — we have direct access to our favorite players in Black & Gold through social media.

Any die-hard Who Dat should be following every Saints-related social media account, but there are a few players' accounts that rise above the fray.

Best Player Through Whom to
Live Vicariously

Cameron Jordan
Defensive end

Obviously, if given the option to trade lives with a Saints player, pretty much anyone on the starting lineup would be a good choice. But for our money, nobody seems to be having as good a time as Cameron Jordan. Look, there's Cam backflipping into a lake! There he is hanging out with Emeril Lagasse! Look, Cam is having a dance-off between rides at Six Flags! Yeah, he's enjoying himself pretty well.

Best New Addition

Jairus Byrd
Free safety

Byrd made a name for himself as a safety with the Buffalo Bills and has been active on Twitter since 2010, but it wasn't until March of this year that he joined Instagram and (maybe not coincidentally) the Saints. Byrd looks like he's all in with the Big Easy lifestyle, having shared photos of himself at Jazz Fest, eating a sno-ball, hanging with Lil' Wayne and attending his first crawfish boil. It's like following a friend that just moved to the city. Except he's famous.

Prolific Tweeter

Joe Morgan
Wide receiver

While Stills is no slouch in the tweet department, Morgan is a Twitter prodigy with more than 39,000 tweets and counting. For a little perspective, CNN's Breaking News account has posted just over 34,000 times and has been active for four more years. Morgan is a 140-character-or-less prodigy — albeit it a prodigy who uses emojis. So, so many emojis.

Philosophical Tweets

Kenny Stills
Wide receiver

Kenny Stills isn't shy about sharing his thoughts on social media and, apparently, he has a lot on his mind (he's tweeted more than 32,000 times). In August alone, his followers have been treated to a whirlwind of ponderings on the past ("I wish I could remember my MySpace password lol"); enigmatic observations on modern cuisine ("credit card chat roullette can make or break a meal."); and potential million-dollar ideas ("someone needs to invent a splash-free urinal"). Stills' mind explores all aspects of the human condition.

Best Fan Interaction

Jimmy Graham
Tight end

The best part of social media is the feeling you actually get to interact with some of your favorite players. Graham is great at this, hosting and judging a virtual costume contest with his fans, retweeting anyone who names a pet after him and talking University of Miami sports with his followers.

Best Disappearing Act

Champ Bailey

When the Saints signed cornerback Champ Bailey this offseason, they knew that they'd be getting someone that was past his prime. But what was General Manager Mickey Loomis thinking? Clearly, Bailey is a shell of himself, his life now just a shadow of former glory. Seriously, the man hasn't tweeted since April 2012. You're famous, Champ! Don't you know strangers on the Internet want to hear what you think about random things? Champ, it's like you don't even care anymore.

Biggest Walking

Drew Brees

Drew Brees is a living legend and, by all accounts, he's also a great husband, father and all-around person. But if it wasn't for his kids, his Twitter feed would be an endless infomercial. Scrolling through Brees' tweets is like being bombarded by a series of press releases about Drew Brees Inc. and Associates, with the occasional nod to Brees the human being. Drew, we get it: You own a Jimmy John's franchise. They're still not better than po-boys.

Most Indecipherable
Twitter Handle


Guess which Saints player it belongs to.*

* Give up? It's offensive guard Jahri Evans. We can't figure it out either.


Best Guest Appearanceon Another Account

Jimmy Graham on Pierre Thomas' Instagram

Pierre Thomas

When the Saints opened training camp this year at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, Thomas filmed Graham's reaction to his accommodations. "Look at what I gotta stare at all night," Graham says, as Thomas laughs and shows us the walls and ceiling of the room covered in nothing but pink flowers. "This is so awkward," Graham says. And hilarious.


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