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Gov. Bobby Jindal’s third-quarter fundraising report reflects his low position in the polls



  The 2016 presidential candidates filed their third-quarter fundraising reports last week, and Gov. Bobby Jindal's totals reflected his position in the polls. While top-tier GOP candidates like Ben Carson raised $20 million and Carly Fiorina raised $6.8 million, Jindal raised only $579,438.39.

  Worse for Jindal, the governor had spent more than $832,000, leaving him with $260,939.01 cash on hand. That's not enough to take him to the White House; nor is it enough to buy him a regular house in Washington, D.C., where the median home price is $489,000. It is, however, plenty to buy a handsome house in Baton Rouge, should he decided to return there.

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