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All of your fitness needs in as little as 30 minutes once or twice per week." That's the promise at One To One Personal Training (735 Octavia St., 891-5121;, now in its 11th year of business. In a culture where we're barraged with the documented benefits of frequent exercise while at the same time being overloaded with the stressful demands of multitasking, the claim may seem too good to be true. But the proof is in the results.

One To One owners Emile Tujague III and Ryan Hall, both experienced trainers, have helped so many clients train their way to improved health and appearance over the years that "word-of-mouth" promotion by satisfied customers consistently has been a powerful form of advertising.

"It's an incredibly efficient way to workout," Tujague says of the high-intensity method of resistance training used at One To One. Unlike traditional forms of weight lifting, the technique uses slow lifting and lowered speeds (10 seconds to lift and 5 to 10 seconds to lower), with little rest between exercises. The slower speed keeps muscles loaded for the entire set and therefore taxed to their optimum level, which means workout times are shorter and sessions are fewer. By eliminating force from the equation, the slow speed also reduces the risk of injury.

"Most injuries are caused by too much force," says Tujague, "not too much weight."

While weight training typically is thought of as anaerobic, One To One's protocol delivers cardio conditioning as well. For many years, conventional wisdom held that the best way to get a cardio workout was to keep the heart rate elevated. Recent research suggests that an alternate way to get a cardiovascular response is to have the heart rate go up and down at intervals.

As the studio's name indicates, individual, personalized attention is the norm at One To One. Every session is closely supervised, and the equipment is specially modified to produce the highest quality of resistance training. Clients get a full-body workout in 30 minutes. As they progress, most see measurable changes, including reductions in cholesterol, blood pressure and body fat; enhanced muscle tone and improvements in mood, self esteem and outlook. Because One To One is a small, neighborhood facility, its intimate atmosphere is another plus.

"It's very likely that when you come in you'll see a couple of friends," says Tujague. "Instead of going to a cold, stark gym, clients feel like they're part of a family."

One To One owners Ryan Hall and Emile Tujague III keep - their clients on the slow track to fitness.
  • One To One owners Ryan Hall and Emile Tujague III keep their clients on the slow track to fitness.

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