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Skinny Puppy


The industrial metal band Skinny Puppy formed in the early '80s and was probably -- along with Ministry -- one of the first of a new breed. Its electronic, effect-heavy grinding metal would intersect with the lush, dreamy swirls of synthesizer that the first wave of Goth bands turned out, linking up two youth subcultures that already wore a lot of black anyway. The group lightened up the rumble and clang with tinges of ambient electronica, pop and new wave and dipped into socially conscious (yet aesthetically suitable for dark, urban Goths who liked machines) topics like AIDS/HIV awareness, drug addiction, chemical warfare, vivisection and pollution. Still dark and mechanical in its sounds, Skinny Puppy was ultimately more accessible than a great deal of industrial music, and its elaborate horror and science fiction-influenced stage shows put Marilyn Manson greatly in its debt. The band effectively broke up in the mid-'90s after leaving the seminal Nettwerk industrial label, with one member dying and others plagued by infighting, although they reunited once for a one-off concert in Germany. This touring version is a working reformation of the act; the band has released two studio albums since 2003 and tour extensively. The latest release is this year's Mythmaker. White Mice and Otto von Schirach open. Tickets $28. -- Alison Fensterstock

8 p.m. Fri., June 15

House of Blues, 225 Decatur St., 310-4999;


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