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Sian Alice Group


The Circle Bar seems ill-suited for bands that run six-deep or more. Pack too many players into that efficiency-size performance space and a bassist is bound to be close enough to sip from your straw. But the cramped environs offer an inverse benefit for a sextet like Sian Alice Group, whose dainty, micro-detailed music practically demands an intimate setting. Like its predecessor 59.59, the London band's sophomore LP, Troubled, Shaken Etc. (The Social Registry), is anomalous in this age of instant-message file swaps and dollar-per-song download services. A start-to-finish album, its considerable power comes not from indelible singles but rather the tides and swells that play out over its near hour running time. Singer Sian (pronounced Sean) Ahern's glen-fairy vocals are the only real constant, linking jazzy marimba stare-downs, ominous lockstep grooves, pastoral acoustic finger-picking, NPR-friendly woodwinds and strings, and theatrical clickety-clack interludes. Here's hoping they play the whole hypnotizing thing in its entirety. Surfer Blood and High In One Eye open. Tickets $5. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

Sian Alice Group

10 p.m. Mon., Sept. 21

Circle Bar, 1032 St. Charles Ave., 588-2616

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