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Shop Dog: Murphy Brown Goldberg of M. Goldberg Clothier



Murphy Brown Goldberg of M. Goldberg Clothier (502 Leontine St., 504-891-1119; is a 15-year-old Jack Russell terrier with a busy social calendar. When Murphy is not attending parties and wine and cheese nights at the store, she can be found licking customers' toes, stealing socks and sliding on the hardwood floors, chasing squirrels through the window.

  "She doesn't like to miss out on anything," says Marcie Goldberg, who owns M. Goldberg Clothier with her husband Myron Goldberg. The store sells luxury apparel, accessories and sportswear for men and boys.

  The couple found Murphy through a customer. Still grieving the loss of their previous dog, the Goldbergs decided to check out the litter. They left with Murphy.

  As the canine companion of clothiers, it is only fitting for Murphy to have a few signature garments. Murphy shuns sweaters in favor of her Barbour cape, a wax-coated cotton, olive-hued garment that fastens with Velcro at the collar and buckles under Murphy's belly.

  "When I take her for walks in the winter, I've got my Barbour coat on and so does she," Myron says. "We've tried to put her in sweaters, but she walks really stiff."

  Murphy also wears a snazzy collar made of black-and-gold lizard skin. Myron bought Murphy's collar after the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010. When the team is not playing to her expectations, however, Murphy swaps out her lizard skin collar for a more generic nylon Saints collar.

  • Photo by Cheryl Gerber

  The aging pooch struggles with hearing loss. Marcie discovered Murphy's condition when the burglar alarm went off in the store. "She didn't even look up," Marcie says. Now, Murphy stays close to Myron's side. Despite her hearing loss, Murphy is in good health and on the move, busy greeting customers and hosting parties.

  Last month, Murphy celebrated her 15th birthday at M. Goldberg. Customers and her veterinarian were greeted with a cake with "Happy Birthday Murphy" inscribed in vanilla icing. Murphy was allowed to dine on crumbs that fell to the floor, to her delight. The pampered pooch didn't receive any presents from her guests because she has so many toys already.

  "We always try to tell people, no gifts!" Marcie says. The couple jokes that Murphy gets more toys than their sons ever did when they were young. "She's my favorite child," Myron says.

My favorite things

• Wine and cheese nights at the store

• My Barbour cape

• Stealing socks from the sock bucket

• Greeting customers

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