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Sharks’ Teeth unlocks the keys to It Transfers & Grows

The New Orleans synth pop band’s album release is Sept. 2



The human mouth has 32 teeth; the piano, 88 keys. This means that at any given Sharks' Teeth show, New Orleans' chairman of the keyboard, Tyler Scurlock — encircled by four interlocking synths — is surrounded by the equivalent of 11 beaming instrumental grins. That ecstasy manifests in his music, a retrofuturistic, ebony-and-ivory orgy that recalls vocoder first love in the backseat of Gary Numan's "Cars." Last year's Dream Full of Dreams EP dropped off Radiohead's "Kid A" at Skate Country; the new It Transfers & Grows (Gigantic Noise/Community), for which this concert serves as a reveal party, tunes up James Murphy's LCD Soundsystem ("Don't Touch My Feet") and waxes Air's Moon Safari to a mirrored shine ("It's Bad For You"). Opening are two of the best audio fluffers around: Prince-ly "Sexy" Dex Gilmore and tape-spooling Community Records labelmate Pope. Tickets $8.

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