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EPA and city plan bikeshare progam

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  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will work with the city of New Orleans to explore a potential bikeshare program. Last week, the EPA announced it will host workshops and offer technical assistance to launch a local bikeshare through its Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities program. New Orleans and several other cities, including Portland, Ore., were selected from more than 120 cities that applied for the program's assistance in 2013.

  Bikeshare programs around the world provide city dwellers with affordable access to bicycles, primarily as a way to cut down on traffic and pollution and promote healthier lifestyles. Typically, bikes are locked in kiosks where they can be rented or provided free of charge. New York and Chicago recently announced bikeshare programs, with each city providing several thousand bicycles.

  The local transit advocacy group Bike Easy, in conjunction with the Super Bowl XLVII Host Committee and others, offered a temporary bikeshare program during Super Bowl week that served more than 500 people. — ALEX WOODWARD


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