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Seafood Safety Campaign


South Louisiana fishermen have repeated a refrain to never give up — speaking both on their efforts to combat the Deepwater Horizon disaster while surviving the seafood shortfall and as a plea to diners across the country. Speculative fear about the future of Louisiana seafood already has fishermen, shrimpers and oystermen bracing for impact. Doug Rader, the Environmental Defense Fund's chief oceans scientist, says local seafood is "at risk from perception as much as reality," and overstating those risks affects the livelihoods of those already fearing the worst. Even large grocery chains like Rouses have to advertise that their seafood is safe. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Department of Health and Hospitals have changed their minds frequently since the disaster — oyster beds have closed and reopened, shrimp season is closed — for now — and as of last week, 19 percent of the entire Gulf of Mexico is closed to fishing. Crescent City Farmers Market has its White Boot Brigade at the ready, as it did after Hurricane Katrina. Support the seafood industry while you can and whenever you can.

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