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   Retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness may have "small-t" tea party support in the Nov. 4 election, but he doesn't have the support of the official Tea Party of Louisiana. Bob Reid, one of the group's founding members, told LaPolitics publisher Jeremy Alford last week that the "capital-T" Tea Party wouldn't be endorsing Maness. The problem? After fellow Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ran the government like a "plantation," Maness not only didn't have Cassidy's back, but he also criticized the comment. "We told him that was the last straw with us," Reid told LaPolitics ...

   The Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame has attracted more attention lately for their politics than their once-smash TV show. Ratings have been down significantly (4.3 million viewers for the premier of Season 6, well below the 8.5 million for the premiere of Season 5), so the Season 7 premiere Nov. 19 will feature a gimmick — the camo-wearing clan travels to Scotland to meet their ancestors. No word if they'll dabble in Scottish politics ...

   Speaking of Robertsons: Zach Dasher, the Robertson relative looking to unseat U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister in Louisiana's 5th Congressional District, got more attention last week when a podcast he recorded before entering politics became public. In the podcast, Dasher fretted that America was "in danger of a Mussolini-Hitler-Stalin-type regime" and declared the cable network MSNBC to be "a major piece of the propaganda machine of the central planners or of the Marxists." Dasher has been endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and the Family Research Council, but he's consistently polled behind McAllister and Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo in the race ...

   Meanwhile, McAllister, no fan of Gov. Bobby Jindal (and vice versa), took a verbal stick to Jindal in "The Passion of the 'Kissing Congressman,'" a story published last week by POLITICO. At an event in Poverty Point, McAllister sneered at Jindal's globetrotting ways and said, "I'll stay here in the state and talk smack about him all day. It is pathetic our governor isn't here today."

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