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All the news that doesn't fit


  • City budget dates: Mayor Mitch Landrieu will present his proposed 2013 budget at a special meeting of the New Orleans City Council Oct. 29. Under the City Charter, the council is required to adopt a budget by Dec. 1. The council has scheduled the adoption of next year's budget for its Nov. 30 meeting.

  • Twitter watch: WWL-AM "Think Tank" host Garland Robinette gave in to Twitter last week and started tweeting under the handle "@yabugadahdah." What does it mean? Nothing, Robinette explained: "just got aggravated when every name I wanted was already taken ... figured that babble had to be available and sho-nuf." At press time, @garlandpainter was already claimed, but not @GarlandWWL or, uh, @GarlandRobinette ...

  • And finally: Asked if he had gone back and looked at the New Orleans Saints' first four games during last week's bye, quarterback Drew Brees said, "If I wanted to throw up, I would have." — Kevin Allman

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