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Scout Niblett


The apparent disparity between Scout Niblett (a pretty, petite Brit) and her art (feral, unforgiving guitar-and-vocal staring contests) only makes her wrenching music hit that much harder. Fifth LP The Calcination of Scout Niblett (Drag City) delivers nothing less than it promises: the electric singer and her electric instrument, broiled down to an ashen residue of spent emotion and blues/rock essence. Sneering and snarling on the title track, her voice and six-string circling one another like two hissing snakes, Niblett isn't so much singing a song as she is summoning a spirit. This is no casual listen, but for musical purists, the album may become something of a cult classic; it has all the elemental wonder of a lightning-struck prehistoric fire. Credit typically Thor-like producer Steve Albini for wringing less and less out of Niblett's last four albums, on which she has steadily shed layers of sound but grown substantially in stature, ending up on Calcination an animalistic force of nature, polar and bare. Steve Eck and Micah McKee open. Admission $5. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

Oct. 13

Scout Niblett with Steve Eck and Micah McKee

10 p.m. Wednesday

Circle Bar, 1032 St. Charles Ave., 588-2616

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