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Scared Sacred (NR)


Velcro Ripper (as you can see from his picture) is one trippy dude, which is only one of the reasons why Scared Sacred is a perfect way for Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center to get back in the cultural game this week with a slew of film screenings. Founder RenŽ Broussard and his family are in exile out in Shreveport but are planning their return home as soon as possible, but Broussard wanted to get his programming back up and running in time to celebrate Zeitgeist's 19th anniversary. For more on the film screened on (fittingly enough) Nov. 19 -- Make it Funky -- see Alex Rawls Opening Act column in this issue. Scared Sacred follows Ripper's five-year travels to the "Ground Zeros" of the world, from the minefields of Cambodia to Hiroshima, Japan, to Bhopal to, of course, New York City. The goal: to see if humanity can make the transformation from the "scared" to the "sacred." More than a few New Orleanians are wondering the same thing these days, but it's nice to know that this week, one of our sacred cultural institutions is back on the O.C., only a little bent and certainly not broken. Tickets $6 general admission, $5 students/seniors, $4 Zeitgeist members.
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