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Satsuma Cafe opens Uptown


  When it opened in the Bywater in 2009, Satsuma Cafe (3218 Dauphine St., 304-5962; brought to the casual breakfast/lunch format the field-to-table aesthetic so many fine-dining chefs espouse these days. Now, Satsuma Cafe is bringing the same idea Uptown.

  Cassi and Peter Dymond have opened their second Satsuma Cafe (7901 Maple St., 309-5557) in a large, bright corner space near the Uptown universities. The new location is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily and serves the same menu as the Bywater cafe.

  Cassi says she and her husband were interested in expanding their business as early as 2010, and when the Maple Street location became available the timing was right for them to move on it.

  "Peter and I had been thinking we needed to expand because we were outgrowing the Bywater location, and it was getting harder to be efficient there," Cassie says. "The business dictated our desire to expand, almost out of necessity."

  The original Satsuma has been popular from the start. Its inexpensive menu of breakfast dishes, salads, sandwiches and fresh juices struck a chord with people looking for a lighter meal in Bywater, and the fact that the kitchen sources so much of its menu from local producers didn't hurt. A plate of scrambled eggs might feature locally foraged chanterelle mushrooms, and the "green breakfast sandwich" includes fresh arugula, yard eggs and avocado.

  While vegetarians will cheer the options, it is not a vegetarian restaurant. Planks of thick bacon go over salads, fill sandwiches and are cut into the quiche. Crusty ciabatta bread is used for turkey sandwiches stacked with layers of meat, and there's a sandwich of shaved ham, Gruyere cheese, apples, onions and Creole mustard. From the juice bar, a pint of the "green drink," a blend of apple, fennel, kale, cucumber and celery, can prove as energizing as the cafe's fair trade coffee.

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