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Russel Wright: Living With Good Design


He's not a household name, but you've probably seen his work, or at least a replica. After World War II, America went modern in a big way, in architecture as well as in home furnishings. With home furnishings that sometimes meant International or Danish Modern, but there was also a homier, less-famous variety that could have been called Middle-American Modern. This included the work of Russel Wright, whose clean, functional designs inspired by his native Midwest were so solid, comfortable and unimposing that they gave rise to thousands of mass produced knock-offs that still pop up at garage sales and probably will for decades to come. So familiar they are mysterious, Wright's home furnishings were to modern design what Norman Rockwell was to painting, and America wouldn't be America without them. -- D. Eric Bookhardt

Through April 8

Newcomb Art Gallery, Tulane University, 865-5328;


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