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Review: Watermark

Ken Korman on Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky’s documentary about industrial waterways



Co-directed by Canadian filmmaker Jennifer Bai-chwal and art photographer Edward Burtynsky, Watermark is the companion documentary to the touring Edward Burtynsky: Water photography exhibition, which was presented at the Contemporary Arts Center in fall 2013. Like that exhibition, Watermark is all about perspective, often using aerial photography to find the beautiful, often geometric shapes created by the industrial use of water across the globe before moving closer to reveal the environmental devastation that often results from those practices. The film is intentionally impressionistic, occasionally including brief interview material with scientists or local workers to illuminate complex issues but relying more on striking images to make its case. The result is a powerful hybrid of visual art and documentary filmmaking, and one that sends a clear message about the perils of environmental mismanagement and the steep price we may pay for not protecting our most precious natural resource.

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Director: Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky

Producer: Edward Burtynsky, Daniel Iron, Nick de Pencier and Noah Weinzweig

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