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Review: The Kings of Summer

Ken Korman on an indie teen movie in the tradition of Dazed and Confused



American teenagers own their own subset of summer movie classics, one that has spanned the generations from American Graffiti to Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Dazed and Confused. With its light touch and good-natured humor, indie film The Kings of Summer seems destined to join that list. The plot is simple: Three teenage boys grow tired of their parents and decide to run away from home, build a ramshackle house deep in the woods and live there forever. Never mind the implausibility of their scheme. Like any good teen movie, The Kings of Summer makes the everyday limitations of the adult world seem like a distant bad dream. Things start to unravel and jealousies spring up once girls arrive on the scene. But where else can a teen movie go? — KEN KORMAN

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