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Review: The Company You Keep

Ken Korman says Robert Redford's drama about 1960s radicals is uninspiring


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It's easy to understand Robert Redford's attraction to the material and worldview in Neil Gordon's The Company You Keep, the 2003 novel on which director Redford's movie is based. The book fictionalizes the later lives of members of 1960s and '70s radical revolutionary group Weather Underground, imaging what might happen to them if their assumed identities were finally exposed after they spent 30 years hiding in plain sight. Redford is known for his progressive politics, and bringing Gordon's book to the big screen affords him the chance to revisit a misunderstood era and re-examine the passions that led to violence in the name of social justice. It's harder to imagine why Redford would bother to make an uninspired movie on the subject.

  Though its subject matter is obviously close to Redford's heart, The Company You Keep is sleepy and unconvincing. And at 76, Redford seems too old for the lead role of a former late-'60s radical. At least his friends are well cast: It's a pleasure to see Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte, Chris Cooper, Julie Christie, Stanley Tucci and others sharing Redford's attraction to the story and shining in their moments on screen. The best lines are reserved for Redford's character as he repeatedly chastises the young reporter (Shia LaBeouf), who exposes him, for not understanding the crucial role of the press in revealing difficult truths. That's a message that bears repeating, but it's not enough to support a two-hour film. — KEN KORMAN

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The Company You Keep

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Director: Robert Redford

Producer: Nicolas Chartier, Robert Redford, Bill Holderman, Craig Flores and Shawn Williamson

Cast: Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte, Chris Cooper, Terrence Howard, Stanley Tucci, Richard Jenkins, Anna Kendrick, Brendan Gleeson, Brit Marling, Sam Elliott, Stephen Root and Jacqueline Evancho


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