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Review: Resonantia and The Beauty Fools



Something of a renaissance couple, Bywater- based Jeff Louviere and Vanessa Brown blur the boundaries of their highly eclectic interests: photography, video, printmaking and music. According to them, "everything you see" in this Resonantia photography show "is a sound," and "everything you hear is a photograph." The photographs are reflections of light from the rippled surfaces of dark fluids resonating to musical notes from a tone generator. Change the tone and the reflections rendered in gold gilt in mandalalike images change accordingly. The musical note A (pictured) is baroque yet baffling, a surrealist Rorschach, but A# suggests a visually elegant stellar cataclysm in a distant universe. C recalls the ancient Hindu wheel of karma, but C# looks like a disturbing brain scan. Others evoke retro op and pop art, or perhaps experiments in psychedelic sonar. These diverse associations of art and science, old and new, high and low reflect their integration of diverse interests. After all, how many art shows come with their own limited-edition vinyl LP soundtrack? Louviere is a guitarist with the band The Quaalords, but here his electronic resonances complement images that are pristine visual meditations on the inner vibrations of the world around us.

  There must be something in the air lately that inspires mysterious mixed-media works that defy conventional expectations. How else to explain The Beauty Fools, a pristine exhibition including prints and a video illustrating a book based on a partial manuscript left anonymously with Timothy Weeks, a New Orleans, Florida and Croatia-based author and publisher? Weeks and his Bosnian-Croatian artist partner Lala Rascic transformed it into an elegant boxed tome and tarot deck, all of which appear as elaborations of an inexplicable manuscript that has become, as Winston Churchill said of Russia, "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

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