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Review: Mink Stole at AllWays Lounge

Kevin Allman on a night of cabaret and conversation with the star of John Waters comedies



Cult film star Mink Stole (Pink Flamingos, Serial Mom) appeared at AllWays Lounge Feb. 8 and 9 in a one-woman show that was part cabaret, part talkback with the audience (and the audience talked back — a lot). Between songs and sips of vodka, Stole answered questions about her life, film career and co-stars — and dismissed a few questions as well. "Have I ever met any asshole celebrities?" she read off an audience card, miming disbelief. "Hey, I lived in L.A., what do you think?"

  That summed up the show as a whole: loose and not taking itself too seriously, which was its charm. Performed in the bar area of the AllWays rather than the back theater, it had the feel of a raffish house party with plenty of alcohol and dirty stories to be shared.

  Stole recently released an album, Do Re Mink, and the cabaret portion of the evening included a jazz-inflected interpretation of the theme from Waters' Female Trouble and a version of Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" sung in French (the best of the lot). Stole was accompanied by Harry Mayronne Jr. on piano and local jack-of-all-music Doctor Sick on a variety of instruments. The show ended with a rousing version of "Every Day is Mardi Gras in Heaven," a composition by Mayronne and Ricky Graham that went over well with the local audience.

  Stole recently concluded a successful and well-reviewed off-off-Broadway run of The Mutilated, an obscure late-period comedy by Tennessee Williams. (Her co-star in that production, performance artist Penny Arcade, brought her own one-woman show to the AllWays a couple of months ago.) This was Stole's first visit to New Orleans, but perhaps not her last; she will co-star in homegrown legend Varla Jean Merman's next film, Hush Up, Sweet Charlotte. Regarding The Mutilated, Stole said, "I'd love to bring it down here" (cheers from the audience), so: ball's in your court, Tennessee Williams Literary Festival. — KEVIN ALLMAN

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