Reprieve from Homelessness



With a Jan. 4 eviction deadline only hours away, Woodlands Apartments tenants were given an eleventh-hour reprieve to locate new housing ("Out In the Cold, Jan. 2).

The 18 families who have yet to find housing will not be forced out on Jan. 5, says Donald Clark, spokesman for the Johnson Property Group, the new owner of the property. Due to the affordable-housing shortage in New Orleans, the Johnson Property Group asked Common Ground, a local nonprofit working closely with tenants, to submit a list of the remaining tenants and their relocation plans. The new owners will review the details of the list and this week will announce how much longer the remaining tenants will have to find new housing, Clark says.

Soleil Rodrigue, Common Ground's legal coordinator, says several of the remaining tenants will be able to move immediately and she expects only 10 families will still be searching for housing.

"We're really incredibly happy that (the Johnson Property Group) is willing to give these folks a little extra time," she says.

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