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Removable papers with an eco- friendly edge


PVC paper is not the only quick-fix wallpaper that won't break the bank. There are eco-friendly choices as well. Blik wallpaper is a line of self-adhesive decals printed on recycled material. The line comes in 24- by 48-inch rectangles that can be oriented vertically or horizontally, are removable, don't leave residue and can be used on any smooth, flat surface.

  Tempaper also is made for temporary decorating. Like Blik, it's eco-friendly: The patterns are printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper. One roll will cover an 8- by 8-foot area and costs $98. Removable papers can add a pop of color inside drawers, transform the interior of an armoire and cover table tops.

  "I've used it to cover a table top with nicks," says designer Jill Dupre. "It gives it a nice temporary finish. You can give it a coat of lacquer if you want to make it more permanent."

  Dupre also suggests using removable papers to update the fronts of dressers and to decorate stair risers. When working with large pieces, if extra hold is needed, she advises using a small amount of spray adhesive along the top edge. Blik and Tempaper are both available at Spruce.

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