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Reading Jindal

Louisiana Blogs React to the Gov's Recent Interviews


  Louisiana political blogs were largely taken aback by Gov. Bobby Jindal's interview with Politico last week (see Commentary, p. 13), in which Jindal called for a new populism among Republicans and said the GOP had to "stop being the stupid party." The liberal-leaning Daily Kingfish called it "an uproarious Etch-a-Sketch," "the thickest cut of monstrous bullshit imaginable," "a shameless pivot" and "a vicious case of Romnesia."

  The Hayride, a conservative-leaning blog, began its analysis, "In a 45-minute interview with Politico, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal tore into the GOP's consultant class and suggested that Republicans adopt a strategy of on the one hand counting on the intelligence of the electorate and on the other embracing populism. If that doesn't make a great deal of sense to you, you're not alone."

  The conclusion? "Jindal's going to run in 2016. Or if nothing else he's going to try to, and if he finds enough support to build a campaign he'll hit the trail. He can deny that all he wants, but the mere fact that he gave Jonathan Martin 45 minutes of his time (nobody in the Louisiana media gets that much one-on-one time with him) is proof enough." — Kevin Allman

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