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Raymond Douillet: New Works


Martha Stewart would never approve. A paradox among contemporary painters, 60-year-old French artist Raymond Douillet melds precision brushwork with bizarre imagery that is really more like illusionism or dream realism than surrealism in the usual sense. His favorite subjects are beautiful women in grotesque situations, perhaps with transposed head and buttocks, or with the wings and clawed feet of mythic harpies. At times normal women are at the mercy of abnormal creatures like the hand-fish pointing an oversized lancet at a hapless lady diver in Le Poisson Vengeur (pictured). Some call it kitsch, and he's rarely politically correct, but Douillet's numerous fans appreciate his bad-boy Mardi Gras mentality that mingles the worldviews of Hieronymus Bosch, Rene Magritte and Hugh Hefner in over-the-top paintings that look totally at home in the French Quarter. — D. Eric Bookhardt

Through November

Angela King Gallery, 241 Royal St., 524-8211;


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