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R. Scully's Rough 7 CD Release


It's not quite the Beatles opening for Wings, but there's more than a few pints of poetry in the Morning 40 Federation leading the toast at a CD-release party for former frontman Ryan Scully. As if the new-brew 40s and Scully's accompanying six-pack in the hair-of-the-dog Rough 7 (guitarist Rob Cambre, keyboardist Ratty Scurvics, bassist C.J. Floyd, drummer Michael Andrepont and singers Meschiya Lake and Erika Lewis) weren't rock enough for one night, this blowout celebration for debut LP Give Up Your Dreams also features short sets by Rotary Downs, Scurvics' Black Market Butchers and Luke Allen's Happy Talk Band. "I suspect the shows will be nuts whether we play well or not," Scully wrote at the Rough 7's inception in 2008. That prediction has proved an understatement. Speaking to the Voodoo Experience last year, he tacked on a guarantee: "We will not bore the audience. If we do I'll personally refund your money." Tickets $5; don't count on getting anything back. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

May 28

R. Scully's Rough 7 CD Release

10 p.m. Friday

d.b.a., 618 Frenchmen St., 942-3731;

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