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R. Scully Solo Band


10 p.m. Fri., Dec. 12

Saturn Bar, 3067 St. Claude Ave., 949-7532

Think of it as Sunday morning, coming down from the alcoholic frenzy of the Morning 40 Federation's Saturday night. In 2004, Morning 40 guitarist Ryan Scully recorded a solo album, R. Scully (featuring the 40s' rhythm section, Steve Calandra and Mike Andrepont) that showed another side of his songwriting. Far from the 40s' boozy swagger, Scully's solo work recalls the plaintive balladeering of Tom Waits' Asylum years mixed with the sweeping Americana soundscapes of Calexico. Swaddled in tinkling saloon piano and lilting lap steel, the tracks on R. Scully are happy drunk and self-reflective drunk, not rowdy drunk. The album cover features a warm, inviting bar — shot as if through the lens of double vision — lit by blurry candles, and that is exactly how it sounds. Bittersweet folk-rockers the Happy Talk Band open. Tickets $7. — Fensterstock


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