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Quotes of the week— Gov. Bobby Jindal / Steve Murchie


  "I am committed to making sure Senator [Mary] Landrieu gets defeated this fall. We need to get another Republican elected so we can have someone who will oppose President Obama's policies instead of supporting him 97 percent of the time. I haven't made an endorsement yet, but we have to defeat Senator Landrieu." Gov. Bobby Jindal to the Houston Chronicle, explaining why he hasn't endorsed one of Landrieu's GOP opponents yet. Others are picking sides now in advance of the November election. U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, the Republican front-runner, was endorsed in recent days by the Louisiana Republican Party, as well as by Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Meanwhile, the Tea Party Express and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness. The fourth candidate in the race, State Rep. Paul Hollis, R-Covington, hasn't announced any major endorsements.

  "This legislation is governance at its worst: poorly written, for the worst of reasons, with no public benefit, and having potentially staggering unintended consequences. ... Everyone involved in the passage of this bill owns the consequences, but no one is more responsible for shielding the oil and gas industry from accountability than Governor Jindal. He has undermined the efforts of everyone working to restore coastal Louisiana. Not only has he refused to ask the oil and gas industry to live up to their legal obligations, or contribute to coastal restoration in any meaningful way, he has actively blocked others from simply enforcing the law." Steve Murchie, campaign director of the Gulf Restoration Network, on Jindal's signing of Senate Bill 469

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