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Jindal budget edition


  "Call this budget what you like: a fond illusion or smart accounting. The result will be the same: mid-year budget cuts for the sixth year in a row, because the budget is not balanced. Why should we care? Because making a college cut $10 million with six months left in the fiscal year is like a $20 million cut from day one. That shreds muscle, not fat." — State treasurer John Kennedy, in an open letter flaying Gov. Bobby Jindal's proposed 2013 budget. Kennedy, like Jindal, is a Republican.

  "We appreciate the Treasurer's opinion, but given his long track record of half-baked gimmicks and his office's recent miscalculation of the state's debt, we will pass on his suggestion." — Louisiana Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols, responding to Kennedy's letter. Nichols said final details of the budget will be in place when the Legislature convenes early next month. (For more, see Commentary, p. 11.)

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