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Jindal whiplash edition


  "The first concept I want to talk about is simply this: America is not the federal government. Take a minute to let that thought sink in — America is not the federal government. We believe solving problems closer to home should always be our first, not last, option." — Gov. Bobby Jindal, opening his speech to the Republican National Committee Jan. 24.

  "I am writing to officially request that you declare a commercial fishery failure and enact the disaster declaration clauses in the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. This will allow our impacted fishermen, fishing communities and biologic resources to be restored." — Jindal, in a letter the same week to U.S. Department of Commerce Acting Secretary Rebecca Blank. Enacting the disaster declaration would make Louisiana eligible for federal grant handouts and Small Business Administration relief after a smaller-than-expected fishing harvest in the months following Hurricane Isaac.

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