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  "It's only $100,000, and I know we have more than 100,000 Cajuns in this area of the state. We can show [Gov. Bobby Jindal] that no matter what he does in Baton Rouge, we are going to survive like we did for hundreds of years, and we're going to be part of this state whether he wants to include us or not." — State Rep. Jack Montoucet, D-Crowley, as quoted by Nicholas Persac in The Lafayette Advertiser June 21. Jindal had vetoed $100,000 in state budget funding for the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana, better known as CODOFIL. CODOFIL, which was established in 1968 by the state Legislature, promotes and preserves the French language, which officials felt was in danger of extinction in Cajun country.

  Montoucet added, "Those cuts were not made out of necessity. The cuts were made for political ambitions to impress those big bosses in Washington D.C. so that [Jindal] can get a position up there. I've said it often, but we need to buy him a ticket so he can go."

  "Nothing with this governor shocks me. I have low expectations of him, so I can't be too disappointed. It's very bizarre. He spends money like a drunken sailor. ... He dislikes Louisianans; he dislikes Louisiana." — State Rep. Chris Hazel, R-Ball, as quoted by Mike Hasten in the Alexandria Town Talk June 16. Hazel and other central Louisiana lawmakers were angry with Gov. Bobby Jindal for closing Pineville's J. Levy Dabadie Correctional Center and cutting jobs for 200 at central Louisiana medical facilities.

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