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Quotes of the Week


  "Unlike some conservatives, [Sen. David] Vitter said he is willing to support increasing the federal debt ceiling — but with a large string attached. 'I would vote to raise the debt limit if we passed — and the president signed beforehand — major, very significant spending and debt reform,' he said, although he acknowledged that 'I can't tell you exactly what that means' quite yet." — Ben Pershing in The Washington Post, Mar. 15. Vitter was leading a group of nine other GOP senators to block a Democratic-backed bill to fund the Small Business Administration, saying they didn't want to consider any bills that didn't deal with deficit reduction.

  "That view is very shortsighted and that argument is going to fall by the wayside because people are smarter than that." — Sen. Mary Landrieu, responding to Vitter and the other GOP senators' position.

  "The pimp store." — Dr. John's reply to a reporter who asked him where he got his shoes at his Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York City March 14. The New Orleans music legend accessorized his footwear with a suit of K&B purple.

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